Our heritage is based on a particular focus as African nation,it can be anywhere in the continent we are Africans no matter the language boundaries between countries it still remain a fact that how we believe is most assuredly in the same nature and a special way.

We believe that we are a family and God be the centre of our wellbeing. 

And no African will let his nabour go to bed wit empty stomach. 

Our ways of dress and way of life matters are very particular and have a meaning purpose. 

Who can contain Africa in the whole world including the universe due its riech kind of cultured Way of life.

From generation to generation Africa have always been a subjective to infiltration by a means of misfortunes due to its own way of believe in different segts such kind that brought our beloved continue under a dark cloud of self destruction and all kinds of distortions.

While we as Africa have it all but lose all tht we have and our own africaness in the process. 

The traditional practices and believe brought the great continent into its nears and lowered the livelihood of our own nations as a results we realize that too many Africans have no security even back home end up have to run into shelter around the world and harbouring countries. 


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