Afrowold – the African news

The afrowold,this is the word meaning african world of african brewed love life and historians in calcutre and daily esssues celebration into multi cultural heritage of the lives of african lifestyle n believe. 

Moreover the wat is happening in Africa today is not the same as centuries ago. 

At afrowold we breakdown all African cultures and traditional chemistry between clans n societies as well expose the lie between love and charm upon the African society. 

South Africa is the railway between countries arround Africa and based economic growth and development of other Africa in this matter it becomes the sole centre of expediency on essues of cultivation on culture and traditional heritage. 

Henceforth.rhis magazine focus on African community and its livelihood in regards to its beutiful nature of organization in form of lifestyle and culture and traditional practices. 

Afrowold,one of the 6 magazine and a newspaper.

Including media network throughout online daily cover radios and tv.

Based in Kimberley is as well solely the brainstorm of simon modikeng lekau.

A man born in one of the farms near Kimberley and Bret both in the farms and at the age of 9 moved with family to setle in the old bophutatswana;now called the North west province. 

This is one man rich in all ways of the African heritage and cultural practices. 

Afrowold is a sub-division of lefikamedia our own media powerhouse.

This type of magazine,just like all of our brands aim at one stage that is to be the leader in establishment of our moral based society and build a healthier lifestyle in our African mother land.

We aim at one stage of life that is empowering woman and children support guidelines on fatherhood and men responsible.

At the same time creating a better life for all Africans who live in and out side of Africa. 

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